Welcome to the landing page for the Third Party Administrator who bills and collects both: insurance premium and non-insured vendor fees for the product(s) you have purchased – the money we collect for you personally is dependent upon the product(s) purchased.

If you are on this page, you are likely either questioning your billing statement or have a concern that needs to be addressed.  Let’s see if we can help resolve your issue!

We have a variety of third party relationships with numerous carriers, health sharing vendors, vision insurers, dental insurers, prescription benefit providers, telemedicine, and ancillary product providers. We work with these providers to help give access to these products for agencies and agents who are in a position to sell them to the end consumer.  We also work with a variety of insurance brokers and agencies to help bring the products to market.  We subsequently aid in the collection and remittance of premium and non-insured fees at the time of sale. 

There are a lot of entities and parties who work together to bring these products to you, the end consumer!  We are just one.

If your bank or credit card statement lists this URL, then you have purchased a product from an agency that sells association memberships, as well as other memberships and programs.  The contact information is as follows:

Member Services

(214) 436-8881

Monday-Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8am-4pm Central Time

The contract we have with the above entity may include any variation of the following tasks performed by us: marketing, product development, billing and collection, remittance, customer service, fulfillment, etc.  We have different arrangements with each entity, so for some, we only do billing and collection, and for others, we may do all of the above.

If you log in to your member portal at myhealthmembers.com and go to View Your Documents, you can download a copy of your enrollment form.  The selling agency who was recruited by the above Association is listed on the first page, right underneath your personal information.  The agent or agency listed on that form is the entity who directly marketed the product(s) that were sold to you.  If they called you, they were directly responsible for obtaining your information, most likely through a lead provider or lead aggregator.  Once you agreed to make a purchase, they input your information into a shared system that is regulated by all applicable federal and local privacy laws.  After you agreed to purchase the product(s) and signed the last page of the enrollment form, your payment method was then automatically charged and processed through our gateway. 

If, after reading through the information located here today, you still have a question about the charges that were made or the products that were purchased, we encourage you to attempt to contact the agency who marketed and sold the product to you and who is listed on your enrollment form first.  If they are unable to help you or unresponsive, you may also attempt to contact the entity that recruited them, noted above.

If you are still unable to get answers after trying to contact both of these entities, please click here and provide as much detail as possible and someone will respond to you within three (3) business days:

Customer Assistance Form

  • Max. file size: 16 MB.

Premier Health Solutions, LLC operates as a Third-Party Administrator in the state of California and under the name PHSI Administrators, LLC and does business under the name PremierHS, LLC in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Utah.